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From: Sean Wise (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 16:21:44 EET

This is a bit late in coming but I figured better late than never.
My NASUG presentation, Electroforming Applications with Stereolithography
Models, has been posted to the RePliForm web site, I
apologize for not getting it up sooner but I wanted to draft notes to go
with the slides. It is best viewed with Internet Explorer. The first half
of the presentation covers electroforming used to make prototype and bridge
tooling while the second half covers use of thin metal cladding (.002-.005")
over SL models to improve their stiffness and moisture resistance. If
anyone has an questions about the work presented, please feel free to email
at the address below.

Sean Wise
RePliForm Inc.
1583 Sulphur Spring Road, Suite 126
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone 410 242-5110
Fax 530 325-4768
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  I realize that most of the attendees are probably just getting
  back to work... and will take a half day or more to sort through
  their e-mails and other related messages / pressing issues.

  But when someone gets a chance, I would love to hear about
  any new developments that were shared at the conference!

  Thanks in advance

  Mark Wynn
  Yazaki North America Inc.
  Canton, Michigan
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