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From: Erkut Negis (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 19:57:09 EET

Dear Andrew,

You can import any stl file into SensAble FreeForm PLUS. The software first changes the format to its native .cly (digital clay) format (at this time you can also edit the model, for example you can smooth or deform it...)
After that, you can easily convert it to IGES. While drawing splines manually (for nurbs surface boundaries), you can actually sense or feel the model surface via the phantom arm...

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Erkut Negis

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Subject: Dumb STL question..

Any tips or softwares to convert an STL file into an IGS or Parasolid...?

the other way is simple...but making an STL into something editable in
either Rhino, Solidworks or Virtual Gibbs seems to be impossible...

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