From: Charles V. Norton (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 01:12:34 EET

Dear List,

As a junk dealer (that's what lessors become when the equipment's returned)
I'm curious about the resin situation.

I don't think Vantico is public so there's not any Vantico issued "news
releases" on Yahoo etc. 3 D's last release is just the notice that their
arrangement with Vantico is extended until May. The last 3 D press release
on 2/13/02 said:

"Under the extension, 3D Systems will continue, through May 1, 2002, to be
the exclusive worldwide source (except for Japan) for Vantico's Cibatool
photopolymers for stereolithography." I think this means there's probably
"cease and desist" language
in effect.

It's been awfully quiet on such a big issue. Anybody with thoughts about
this will play out? Any leaks on the arbitration?

Charles V. Norton
NCP Leasing, Inc.
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