An article many sales and marketing people should find interesting..

Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 01:13:56 EET

Good Day:

Here's an article many of you sales and marketing people should find
interesting. It's certainly one of very the few sizable public surveys about
prospect attitudes concerning RP ever published. I was asked to comment on
and interpret some of the results a while back, and it seems to have only
recently appeared.

A User View of Rapid Prototyping.

(from the CAD Spaghetti Newsletter, Feb., 2002)

After hundreds of introductory articles, thousands of technical papers
describing scores of ways of accomplishing additive fabrication, it's clear
that the task of educating the wider technical community is far from
complete. The majority of sites that feel they don't need RP haven't
investigated it - and aren't planning to do so. And it's a pretty big

The Business Advantage Group, a UK marketing and management consultancy
practice specializing in the technical computing sector, surveyed 262
mechanical engineering companies in the UK, but it's very possible the
results apply to other geographic areas, as well.

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