LOM 1015 Heater's Movement ???

From: Dimitris Karigiannis (dkar@lms.mech.upatras.gr)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 14:54:05 EET

Hello all!
I have a Helysis LOM 1015 and I have a problem in the Heater's movement
During the build process the heater's vertical limit switch does not
recognise the constructed part's position (actually it passes over the
part while moving to the left side far from the home position
aproximately 8cm) as a
result, when the platform and the constructed part comes up, the switch
cannot "find" the part and stop the platform and as a result the
platform crashes on the Heater (with disastrous consiquences).
Most propably it is a matter of software, or the Heater's encoder needs
additional adjustment
Can you propose a solution to my problem?

Thank you all!

Dimitris P. Karigiannis
University of Patras
Mechanical Engineering

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