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Since the STL data is in the form of disconnected triangular surfaces, a
straight IGES conversion will produce a file that is huge and difficult to
work with. I would suggest that you look for a conversion program that will
attempt to combine the triangles into smooth surfaces.

You could take the triangular IGES data in and attempt to re-create the
model using the data from the triangles to produce a point cloud. Out of the
programs that you mentioned, I believe that Rhino can do this. It may even

A number of programs exist that can do this automatically. From what I
understand, there are a few that work quite well. I'm sure that you were
already contacted by a number of them as most of them monitor this list.

Good luck... Let us know the results so that we can all learn from your


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Any tips or softwares to convert an STL file into an IGS or Parasolid...?

the other way is simple...but making an STL into something editable in
either Rhino, Solidworks or Virtual Gibbs seems to be impossible...

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