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Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 19:51:15 EET


I have used TrueSpace 5.x with the conversion plug-in to
change STL models and then save them as a new STL file.

You can also save the part as IGES, SAT, DXF, 3DS or
MTX, and work with the model in another systems.
I have not tried those options, other than IGES into Rhino,
and I do not recommend it, as the IGES file will be very
big, and often unstable and with errors.

Of course you can also load models from other CAD systems
or NURBS modeler like Rhino, into TrueSpace and work
with both models and use Boolean operation on them and
then save the changed model as STL.

TrueSpace is cheap considering its capabilities, or less
than $700 with the conversion plug-in. It is easy to learn,
but the interface differs from most CAD systems and
you might find it illogical and sometimes frustrating.

TrueSpace also have excellent photorealistic rendering
capabilities and animation which you can compare with
more expencive packages.

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Any tips or softwares to convert an STL file into an IGS or Parasolid...?

the other way is simple...but making an STL into something editable in
either Rhino, Solidworks or Virtual Gibbs seems to be impossible...

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