Used Equipment for Sale

From: Douglas A. VanPutte (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 20:05:24 EET

Harmony Prototyping Technologies offers the following items for sale:

1. Blue M Environmental Chamber

Range -40 C to +93 C
Compartment size: 18x18x18 inches
Overall size: large refrigerator
Voltage: 480 v
New: $15,000
Terms: Best Offer

2. Sancron C-003 System (Vacuum Casting Machine)

    top: 23x23x20 inches (pouring chamber)
    bottom: 23x23x24 inches (mold chamber)
    voltage: 200/220, three phase
Overall size: large refrigerator
New: unknown
Terms: Best Offer

Contact for more details & to submit an offer: Bob Harmony,, 585-527-9640

Douglas A. VanPutte
Consultant & Sales Agent
Cross-Bow Rapid Tool Associates, Inc.
585-889-3601 tel
585-889-7335 fax
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