suitability of machines for jewelry prototyping

From: Jeffrey Everett (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 21:09:45 EET

A question to those of you using RP to create jewelry patterns. I'm now in
the market to purchase or lease a new or used 3D wax printer. My question
is, which is considered the most cost effective machine? I know the prices
and basic capabilities of each of Sanders machines (and of course, I do want
the new RTM! sigh) and the Thermojet (has 3D Systems yet incorporated a
support material to replace the break-away supports?). Will anyone with
experience using these machines post a little feedback as to actual surface
finish or difficulty of bringing cast pieces up to a jewelry level finish? I
have the funding in place to purchase or lease the MM2, but do I want to
wait until I can afford the RTM? Opinions please, and thank you in advance.
Please feel free to email me directly if you wish.
Jeffrey Everett

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