Re: suitability of machines for jewelry prototyping

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Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 11:23:21 EET

On 16/03/2002, Jeffrey Everett wrote:
>A question to those of you using RP to create jewelry patterns. I'm now in
>the market to purchase or lease a new or used 3D wax printer.

Dear Jeffrey,

In addition to only think about additive RP technology, my new
layer for this thread is to consider subtractive RP as well.

As you are probably aware of already it is very well possible to
create wax models based on STL data using a desktop CNC
milling machine. Main advantages over additive are the superb
surface quality of the models, the free choice of wax type to use,
and the low investment and operation cost. Also be aware that
a Sanders type machine has to keep running: restarting after a
break is difficult. For a nice example of a CNC machined ring see:

On the other hand additive technologies are capable of creating
designs that cannot be machined. In many cases a very good
solution is to combine the advantages of both systems:
In house use an affordable milling machine, and outsource the
designs that cannot be machined.

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
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