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Your assertion is correct. The response by Al addresses a different issue.
Your point that the machines do not start up easily after a fallow period is
right. If I leave a machine unused for a week then the next build is
problematic and usually requires a good amount of diagnostics, jet checks,
purges, and other things to get the wax material to flow properly.

Al's response was correct but not on point that the machines recover well
from a build stoppage as the last layer can be canceled, milled back, and
the build restarted. The MM2 does not know what it is building as a
complete piece, it only sees the number of layers, and what needs to be
built on any particular layer. This segregation of tasks makes it well
suited for build recovery if a part needs to be replaced or in Al's example
a power failure occurs.

Steven Pollack
Digital Jeweler, LLC

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Dear Al,

First I have to confess that I do not have any hands-on experience
with these machines: I have to be honest on that.
Background of my remark is that I have heard several times about
such problems, occurring when a machine was restarted after not
having been used for a couple of weeks. It is very well possible
though that this relates only to older machines, and that the newer
types that you mention have overcome these problems.

Perhaps any machine owner is present on this list who can
assist on this issue.

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

At 07:35 AM 18/03/2002, you wrote:
>Your comment about restarting the Sanders System as being difficult is
>not true. Both the Solidscape ModelMakers (PatternMasters) and the SDI
>ToolMaker can make a full recovery from a power outage. This has been
>demonstrated in areas of thunderstorms like Florida where frequent power
>outages occur. Even with this difficult power environment, companies like
>Mark Two Engineering are able to continue building models that require up
>twenty hour build times.
>Al Hastbacka

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