Re: suitability of machines for jewelry prototyping

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Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 18:06:03 EET

To All: Yes, there was a time years ago when restarting a MM6 was a chore.
But eventually we worked-out foolproof startup procedures. I'm sure that
the factories now can teach them to anyone.
Best Regards, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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> Dear Al,
> First I have to confess that I do not have any hands-on experience
> with these machines: I have to be honest on that.
> Background of my remark is that I have heard several times about
> such problems, occurring when a machine was restarted after not
> having been used for a couple of weeks. It is very well possible
> though that this relates only to older machines, and that the newer
> types that you mention have overcome these problems.
> Perhaps any machine owner is present on this list who can
> assist on this issue.
> Best Regards,
> Lex Lennings.

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