I beg to differ Re: Stupid STL Question

From: SCat3D@aol.com
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 03:05:56 EET

>>The STL object created from a model is only an approximation of the CAD
model, not a true representation.

As are IGES and other translations, as well as the CAD programs own internal

>>What it boils down to, you can't edit an STL file.

I've seen my guys edit an object by loading .stl files into 3D Studio Max
(which comes with .STL input as a standard function.) This allows a wide
range of editing "modifiers" to be applied, including subdivision-surface

>>and the fact that STL was never a format meant to be reversed...

But Pro/Engineer comes standard with STL input and even though the .stl file
may be approximate to some extent, reverse engineering a boss by 3 point
circle fitting to reveal a 5.00033 diameter can be pretty safely assumed to
be 5mm. These "things" in .stl, whatever they might be, were designed and
drawn by humans and it is their intentions which need to be reverse
enginneered, not the triangles.


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