SLS parameter questions

From: Brian Caulfield (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 23:04:04 EET

Does anybody know if it is possible to run an SLS with just powder in the part chamber i.e. no feed powder. I am trying to test certain materials and see what happens to them when they are affected by the laser but the material is quite expensive and I don't wish to fill the feed chambers until I know if the material can indeed be worked on by the laser.

I was thinking of just running one pass of the laser over the part bed and just seeing what happens. Can I just stop the laser cycle with the e-stop half way through the cycle? Will this cause the laser to stop dead or will it finish it's cycle? Also will the temperature gauges work if the feed beds are empty or will I have to decrease the feed bed temperatures to a low degree for it to work?

Appreciate any comments.


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