EOS Stereos SX SLA operation costs?

From: Andreas Mueller (andreas.mueller@iwb.tum.de)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 12:05:57 EET

Dear RPML-members,
I'm in need of some information concerning the real operation costs of a
EOS Stereos 300 SX per year.
What are those costs I do have to consider and how much are they? The
costs for the resin are not this important for me, but i would be very
appreciated if you can give me an estimation how much resin you use each
year and the average buildingtime in hours each year.
My special interests are the expenses for the laser, what is the
lifetime of the laser and how much do you calculate for laser, running
the machine one year.

Any information about this topic would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance,


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