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From: JB Ventures BV (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 09:21:42 EET

Due to the fact that Stratasys is playing 'nice wether' to it's customers and doesn't care about huge des-investments for it's customers, it probably allways be to much.

Prodigy users wich invested in a machine last year/months, have to write off half of it's spending within this first period, because Dimension can be aquired for less than half (!) of the original Prodigy-price.

Dimension is nothing less than a Prodigy with Clinton-look, without the 0,15mm layerthickness (wich is rarely used!). I'm sure to speak up on behalf of more Prodigy users who gave thier feed-back to improve the machine and now experience a Dimensional-Cold-Shower.

Stratasys ............. Thank you !!!

Jorn Berends
JB Ventures BV - NL
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  Anyone know how much is the new Prodigy Plus by Stratasys?
  Thanks, LW

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