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From: Steven Pollack [mailto:StevenP@DigitalJeweler.NET]
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Subject: Wake Up

Dear RP machine manufacturers. After being on this list for about three
years now I want to share a particular view that I think needs to see
the light of day.
In my unscientific opinion, there are more posts from the jewelry
industry on RP-ML about RP than from any other single industry yet the
manufacturers of RP equipment consistently ignore the needs of this
large untapped market in favor of the needs of the large Aerospace type
industries that initially spawned RP. There are 30,000 jewelry outlets
in the U.S. all utilizing lost wax casting to some degree while there
are only a few auto or airplane manufacturers. That likely makes the
jewelry industry the best possible target for RP.
Here is what the various technologies would need to do to service this
ModelMakerII - Make this more turnkey and reliable. Make the build
platform smaller, like 3" cubed to bring down the price.
Thermojet - Make a second support material that is removable
DTM/EOS/POM - Work on gold and platinum powders
SLA - Work on a more castable material
Objet - Work on a more castable material
Or you can continue what you are doing, catering to the few companies
with large R&D budgets, and scratch your heads wondering why you don't
sell more than 100 units per year.
Stop thinking Rapid Prototyping and start thinking Rapid Manufacturing.
The technology is there, it is just the motivation and insight that is
Steven Pollack
President, Digital Jeweler, LLC
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From: Mehmet SALIM <>
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Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 12:06 AM
Subject: 3D SCANNING

Dear List

We are in Jewellery industry we are looking for an equipment to scan 3D
Objects like human beings, animals, small statues like 10mm X 10 mm x 10

We have found some but they are generally made to scan big features.

Our aim to scan this small parts is to make the copy of them with our
Model Maker (RP Machine) and then make the moulds for investment casting
or to use these models in electroplating (or electroforming not sure).

If is there anyone in the list using this kind of an equipment please
get in touch with me.

I will be in the jewellery industry exhibition in 1st week of April in
Switzerland, if any company in this exhibition dealing this kind of
equipments I can visit their booth also.

thanks in advance for the reply


Mehmet SALIM

ARPAř Turkey

Design Group

<<Mehmet SALIM.vcf>>

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