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Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 20:08:23 EET

> Materialise is now shipping Magics 7.1, offering perfect translation from
> scanned object to STL
> Leuven, Belgium, March 20, 2002 - Materialise, the world-leader in STL
> manipulation software, announces the release of its Magics 7.1 software.
> This newest release includes a brand new module for easy tool quotation
> and new as well as improved import modules. As usual, Magics 7.1
> incorporates many enhanced features and design functionality, that will
> further distance Magics from the other STL manipulation software packages
> available on the market today. With Magics version 7.1, Materialise
> upholds its tradition of providing its customers with an automated,
> cost-effective and efficient solution for accelerating their
> time-to-market and giving them a competitive edge.
> From scanned object to perfect STL file!
> To serve the needs of the growing number of Magics users working with
> scanned data, Magics 7.1 introduces the import and export of point clouds.
> During the point cloud import process the points are connected into
> triangles. A wide range of parameters is available, allowing you to
> optimise this triangulation. Point clouds are thus easily converted to
> STL-files.
> "Say you want to reproduce an object via rapid prototyping technology.
> Maybe you need a 3D model of an object to make design changes. Magics'
> point cloud module is the ideal tool for transferring a point cloud -
> resulting from scanning the object - into a 3D model", said Wilfried
> Vancraen, managing director of Materialise. "When developing this new
> module, our researchers zeroed in on the quality and flexibility of the
> resulting STL-files. Quality means that the STL-files are accurate and
> contain no bad edges, even if the shapes described by the point cloud are
> complex or noisy. Because the user probably wants to work his design based
> on the STL-file, the file is kept small and manageable. Since this is
> always a trade off, the user can choose between file size and accuracy."
> Magics demonstrates the strength of its point cloud import module also in
> its excellent processing of point clouds for thin-walled parts. Where most
> reverse engineering systems fail to deliver a good quality 3D model of
> such parts, Magics 7.1 succeeds!
> Through its technology and focus, this point cloud module undoubtedly will
> help maintain Magics' position as market leader.
> 3D CAD import possibilities keep expanding
> Starting now, STEP files can also be imported in Magics. Use the STEP
> import module to convert 3D CAD drawings in the STEP format to the STL
> format. You can indicate the accuracy of the conversion: the smaller the
> accuracy, the more closely the STL file will approach the curves etc. of
> the original drawing. The STEP converter also includes an editing unit
> that corrects common errors.
> The VDA import module has been enhanced, resulting in faster conversion
> from VDA to STL. The resulting STL files are of high quality and need
> little trouble shooting. The new VDA-import algorithms consume 50% less
> memory and are up to 4 times faster.
> Tool quotation as easy as 1, 2, 3
> That's exactly what the Magics Tooling Expert module gives you.
> Systematic, automated and competitive tool quotations are within your
> reach. Give it a try and watch your hit rate drastically improve. Magics
> Tooling Expert is a powerful analysis tool that provides quick, in-depth
> understanding of a specific tool design's complexity. It will guide you
> when determining the relevant tooling parameters. The software efficiently
> calculates your costs, delivering reliable price estimation. Thanks to the
> advanced document generation facilities, the information gathered in the
> analysis and pricing phase are reproduced in a well-documented quote,
> complete with images. Magics Tooling is the perfect solution for
> explaining the price and complexity of a tool to customers!
> To find out more about Magics 7.1 innovative solutions, visit the
> company's web site at
> About Materialise:
> Materialise, with headquarters in Belgium, started in 1990 in the sector
> of rapid prototyping. Since that time, the company has experienced an
> exponential growth. Materialise is more than just one of the leading
> European Rapid Prototyping providers. Materialise also develops innovative
> applications enabling advanced use of the rapid prototyping techniques.
> Materialise software is used worldwide by the leading companies of the
> automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics. The 'Magics' software line
> provides a variety of solutions for data handling in product
> communication, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. Materialise has
> offices all over the world and the largest software development team in
> the RP sector with locations in Belgium and Kiev (Ukraine).
> Questions or remarks? Please visit the company's web site at
> For more information, contact:
> In the US:
> Materialise US, 6111 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor MI48103, phone (734)
> 662 5057. E-mail:
> In Europe:
> Materialise NV, Technologielaan 15, 3001 Leuven, Belgium, phone +32
> (16) 39 66 11.
> E-mail:
> In Japan:
> Yokohama Portside Building 2F, 8-1 Sakae-cho-Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama,
> phone 81-45-440-4591. E-mail:
> In the rest of Asia:
> Unit D6-03 Phileo Damansara 1, No 9 Jln. 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya,
> Malayasia, phone (603) 7765 2966. E-mail:

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