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Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 00:27:19 EET

Dear Steven,

Stop thinking Layered Manufacturing and start thinking Rapid Prototyping !

Or perhaps your just cannot think of any improvements
to be made in CNC machining technology for jewelry RP  :-)

Lex Lennings.

Steven Pollack wrote:
Here is what the various technologies would need to do to service this trade:
ModelMakerII - Make this more turnkey and reliable.  Make the build platform smaller, like 3" cubed to bring down the price. 
Thermojet - Make a second support material that is removable
DTM/EOS/POM - Work on gold and platinum powders
SLA - Work on a more castable material
Objet - Work on a more castable material
Stop thinking Rapid Prototyping and start thinking Rapid Manufacturing.

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