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Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 08:52:20 EET

Hi Jorn

There exists a future scenario stating that the end of the world, as known to us, arrives in the form of the development singularity. That means that the development of technology will accelerate endlessly and the time between the generations is ever shorter and shorter. If you buy a fancy new gadget that allows you to produce more, cheaper and in the better quality than your competition, it makes your competition very disturbed and they invest in the next generation of the technology and outperform you. If the space of develoment exceeds the possibility to earn back the investment you will be dead in either way. If you do not invest you are outperformed by the competition, if you invest you could never pay back your debts. How the world will function after this event horizon, ther is no way to tell. Still, there is no sense to be angry about this. If you can not change it, change your attitude.

With best regards
Priit Kull
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  Due to the fact that Stratasys is playing 'nice wether' to it's customers and doesn't care about huge des-investments for it's customers, it probably allways be to much.

  Prodigy users wich invested in a machine last year/months, have to write off half of it's spending within this first period, because Dimension can be aquired for less than half (!) of the original Prodigy-price.

  Dimension is nothing less than a Prodigy with Clinton-look, without the 0,15mm layerthickness (wich is rarely used!). I'm sure to speak up on behalf of more Prodigy users who gave thier feed-back to improve the machine and now experience a Dimensional-Cold-Shower.

  Stratasys ............. Thank you !!!

  Jorn Berends
  JB Ventures BV - NL
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    Anyone know how much is the new Prodigy Plus by Stratasys?

    Thanks, LW

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