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Generally (mark generally) or the most popular way of extracting form from
2D series of slices is called Iso Surfaces. This is based on the marching
cubes algorithm made popular in mid 80s. There are volume visulaization
tools but surface extraction from volume data continues to be field of
research. We have recently developed some statistical based methods to
extract surfaces from noisy data. Some softwares make you work on each slice
by outlining or edge detection and then creating a surface (like sweeping
suyrfaces on curves). From software programming side a popular program is
VTK (Viz tool kit).
The major problem so far has been that the resolution of the data is not as
good as surface scanners although that is changing with highpowered CT
scanners. Although nothing comes alive out of that (if it was alive going
in). One lab I know is the UT Paleontology lab. They have some nice images.
Outside medical its been used in inspection for crack detection. There has
even been some software for voxel based modeling (instead of creating
triangular meshes etc).
Formats: Medical industry most popular is Dicom. I just remembered Andy
Christenson of is writing the article on medical imaging
for Wohlers report. He can probably shed more light on this. If you want to
see some of the tools come over to the PRISM lab.

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Regarding the discussion about medical imaging: could someone post a
layman's introduction or links?
I'm Interested to learn more but have only had my hands on the conventional
laser scanning -> point cloud cleanup -> 3D modeler -> STL route.
-a general overview of the data formats applications used for their
-how do you move from the 'medical image' slice to 3D representation
(finding form)?
-will we begin seeing voxels outside medicine and weapons testing?
Makai Smith

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