Re: Wake Up

From: Steven Pollack (
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 17:27:14 EET


Of course you are right. But the decentralization/fragmentation of the
jewelry industry that leads it to speak in small voices of ones and twos is
also the reason it is such a lucrative, untapped, and underserved industry.

Fewer larger voices equals fewer sales. Smaller more numerous voices equals
more sales. This is especially true as RP technology breaks below $50,000
where most small jewelry retailers selling $500K per year can afford. What I
am suggesting is RP manufacturers think outside the box.


Elaine Hunt wrote:

> As most vendors do... they go where the money is not where the potential
> is. Right now the big push is motorsports. If the jewelry industry could
> speak as a larger group then they might take you serious but as ones and
> twoes you voice is washed away by the larger potential. Of course we know
> how many race teams there are and after their money is claimed then where
> to next?
> Elaine
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