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Jonathan Chertok,
I'm not sure where you are located and the resources available locally
can be quite limiting, but here's a good case study to get a general
For large projects, the components can be shipped...I know of a project
in Philadelphia which is using the company below to fabricate a curtain

One well known company has worked on high-profile examples of this:
the Permasteelisa company, (
for Gehry's Guggenheim, where the titanium panels were fabricated
in Italy from a CATIA model (captured from physical models). The steel
skeleton of the building was created through finite element analysis
of the CATIA mesh model, though I'm not sure who fabricated the members.
Permasteelisa has preeminence in this area, having worked on many
high-profile projects, like the Sidney opera house. It is useful to note
the structural engineer for many of these projects is the venerable
Ove Arup & Partners ( who also have considerable
expertise in the working methods you're enquiring about.

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O. Makai Smith, assoc. AIA

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Bathsheba's posting has got me thinking about some earlier work of mine.

Does anyone know of detailed information that I might find with respect
gettting a 3D stl file (or CAD File) into large scale structural steel.
there steel manufacturers or fabricators who can use a 3D wireframe with

which to semi-automate a steel structure fabrication?

If so, what do they need for the front end file information (a list of
Coordinates?), and how does the manufacturing process work.

If anyone out there has, "been there done that", I'd like to understand
one might go from a 3D wireframe of a building to a semi-automated steel

fabrication shop. I'd particularly like to be referred to a technical
in a state-of-the-art structural steel fabrication plant.

Any ideas on where to start?

Jonathan Chertok

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