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Try MEK or Acetone. We rubbed over the surface with a durably papertowel
soaked in Acetone and found it to work nicely. That is, as long as the
papertowel was wet. I don't know if you can use that in your facility but
if you do, do it under good ventilation.

Note: I have heard that the properties of the FDM is about 75% of
production ABS, where machined is 85%.

Hope it helps.

Carl Dekker

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> Dear List:
> Every now and then our modelshop has a request for FDM parts. The ABS used
> on these parts is extremely difficult to sand when compared to the ABS we
> use to CNC cut or vac form, making it difficult to sand out the layer
> and finishing. We have tried ideas such as dipping the parts in Resin Bond
> or similar solvent; brushing the same solvents on; sanding with 60 grit
> coarser sand paper or using a primer/filler to finish these FDM parts. All
> these processes have been with mixed results. Because of this the
> modelbuilders usually choose CNC cutting our ABS parts unless the
> simply won't allow it. And they make our CNC programmers jump through some
> mighty hoops to try CNC cutting before resorting to FDM parts. I have 2
> questions in regards to this.
> 1: What are some other methods you use for finishing these FDM parts.
> 2: What are the chances of Stratasys coming out with a blend of ABS that
> "softer" and easier to sand and finish.
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