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From: Maxime Davignon (MDavignon@Modelex.com)
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 23:11:16 EET

Hello List,

I'm located in North america. We have DTM 2500Ci Sinterstation machines here
and we are running the Nylon Duraform PA on both machines...

Recently, we started having problem with our machines : curl, warp in part,
built that melt down, we changed IR sensor to new MID IR sensor, we had
electrical problems too.. (proximity switch that stop and restard working
suddently, part piston that become in e-stop during production?!?). We have
hard time building some good parts..

We recently installed Sinterstation V3.0 application software on both
machines. (we have problem since...but maybe not related.)

Is there any other company in the same situation..
Also, is there other company in the same situation without the problems...
(working fine with nylon duraform PA, and 2500 CI machines)

I know that 3D systems changed the powder recipe recently...

Also, we are getting very upset here with the poor service quality given by
3D systems. ( They recently took 1 week to send a quotation...) we are
supposed to have a next day service and we actually a next week service...

Anybody knows another company that offer maintenance for SLS machines?

Any kind of help will be appreciated..


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