Re: DTM golden lens fogging

From: Timothy J Gornet (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 20:18:55 EET

Mr. Rossini,
You need to use ethanol and lens cleaning tissues. It is explained in
depth in the Reference Guide. In the Build Setup software go to Help,
Online Documentation. Then select the Reference Guide. Then go to
Hardware Maintenance, Beam Delivery System Maintenance. The first
section is on cleaning the laser window. It should be done before EVERY
build. Do not let it build up or it can be impossible to remove. It only
takes a couple of minutes.
Good luck,
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>>> Mariapia Rossini <> 03/26/02 12:02PM >>>
Dear list,
is there anybody out there who knows how to clean that "fogging"
from the golden lenses of our DTM 2500plus sinterstations?


Ing. Mariapia Rossini

EOS Image S.r.l.
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