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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 02:48:01 EET


Your can use LIDAR scan data that can be generated by a number of comercial mapping agencies. For a project of this nature you would need data obtained from a plane. The LIDAR gives point cloud data, usually with about .5 foot accuracy that the mapping company usually tranforms into polymesh. That data can then be sent to a varitey of RP type machines to generate your model. You will not get very good overhanging data but I would imagine that you just need the major massing.

I would think that the data set probably exists in a number of places but it may be hard to get.

I am running out to a flyfishing lesson (!) but if you or anyone wants more elaboration or the contacts that I have, mostly regional, I can supply them.



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Can anyone help me out with INFORMATION or IDEAS that will assist in constructing a site model of Lower Manhattan?
Seems that with a little bit of information (or thought or help) this might be accomplished from Austin, Texas with a minimum of grief and expense.
Thanks in Advance,

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