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Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 00:53:31 EET

Dimension Honored With Best-Of-Show Awards From Two CAD-Industry Magazines

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 2002--(Nasdaq:SSYS - news) Rapid
prototyping system maker, Stratasys, said it has received show awards for
Dimension, its new brand of 3D Printer, from two prominent CAD-industry
magazines. The publications, Cadence and Cadalyst presented the awards at the
National Design and Engineering Show (NDES) in Chicago last week. Cadence
gave Dimension a "Show-Stopper" award, and Catalyst gave Dimension a
Best-of-Show award. The awards are given for products that the magazines
believe will have the greatest impact on the way designers and engineers
work. "We feel that (Dimension) marks a sea change in the industry," wrote
Cadence magazine, "...simplifying the technology and expanding the number of
companies that can benefit from building inexpensive physical models from CAD
designs quickly." Dimension is being hailed as important to the design and
manufacturing worlds because at $29,900 -- about one-half the previous cost
for such a device -- it makes solid modeling available to a vast new market
that was previously unable to take advantage of it. Winning an award at NDES
is seen as an achievement not only because of high caliber competition, but
also because of the large number of exhibitors. NDES is part of the National
Manufacturing Week show, which featured about 1,600 exhibitors. The show also
drew about 40,000 visitors, as well as 250 media representatives. National
Manufacturing Week is one of the largest and most important trade shows held
annually for manufacturers. The 2002 show was held March 18 to 21 at the
McCormick Place complex in Chicago. Stratasys, Inc., Minneapolis, is the
second largest manufacturer of rapid prototyping systems. The company's
patented fused deposition modeling (FDM) process creates solid models
directly from 3D CAD files using polycarbonate, ABS plastic, wax, or other
materials. Stratasys provides rapid prototyping systems for OEMs such as
aerospace, automotive, military, consumer, and medical product makers.
According to Wohlers Report 2000 on the state of the rapid prototyping
industry, Stratasys has installed more rapid prototyping systems over the
last 5 years than any other manufacturer.



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