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From: 2nd Int. Responsive Manufacturing Conference - 2002
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Dear colleagues,

On June 26-28, 2002; more than 200 participants from both academia and industry will come together
at ICRM'2002: 2nd International Conference on RESPONSIVE MANUFACTURING,
which will be held in Gaziantep, Turkey, to discuss the RESPONSIVENESS and AGILITY.

The following are the highlights of the organization. The details can be found in the conference web site: http://www.gantep.edu.tr/~rmc2002
You can still take part in this organization either as a guest participant or as author submitting a camera ready paper until 20th April for futher processing (papers will be refereed...) The instructions of paper format can be found in the web site of the conference.
Please, take a trip with the WEB SITE OF OUR CONFERENCE>>>>> http://www.gantep.edu.tr/~rmc2002

Looking forward to seeing you at our conference,

Best regards,

Dr. Turkay Dereli and Dr. Adil Baykasoglu
ICRM 2002
Org. Committee Chairs
Keynote Speeches:
Prof. Dr. I. Hüseyin Filiz, University of Gaziantep, TURKEY Topic: The Past, Present and Future of CAD/CAM in the Gaziantep University
Prof. Dr. Nabil Gindy, The University of Nottingham, UK Topic: Responsive Manufacturing

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Dr. Andrew Kusiak, The University of Iowa, USA. Topic: Data Mining in Manufacturing
Prof. Dr. David Bennett, Aston Business School, UK. Topic: Agile or adaptable? Finding a Paradigm for an Uncertain World
Dr. A. Gunasekaran, University of Massachusetts, USA. Topic: Responsive Supply Chain: A Competitive Strategy in a Networked Economy
Dr. Nijaz Bajgoric, Visiting Professor, Bogaziçi University, Turkey. Topic: Information Technologies for Agile Management

Accepted papers will be considered for publication in:

Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (special issue),
Integrated Manufacturing Systems (special issue)
International Journal of Production Research,
Industrial Engineering Journal (Publication of Chamber of Turkish Mechanical Engineers) (special issue)

Conference Proceedings:
The proceedings (both hard copy and CD) of the ICRM'2002 will be edited by Dr. Adil Baykasoglu & Dr. Turkay Dereli,
and published by University of Gaziantep Printing Office. It will be distributed to participants at the conference.
Conference Secreteriat:
University of Gaziantep
Faculty of Engineering
Deparment of Industrial Engineering
27310 Gaziantep - Turkey
Tel: 0090 342 360 1200/ext.2603
Fax: 0090 342 360 4383 or 0090 342 360 1100
E-mail : rmc2002@gantep.edu.tr
URL : www.gantep.edu.tr/~rmc2002

Main Sponsors
University of Gaziantep
The Nottingham University, Nottingham/ United Kingdom
SANKO Holding, Gaziantep/ Turkey
TUBITAK: The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, Turkey
Ministry of Tourism, Turkey

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