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Dear list members,
we have the pleasure to announce the following Workshop on
RP for Biomedical Applications.
The program is still open for contributions. Therefore we
encourage you to submit proposals for talks. Sponsoring by a
Science Foundation enables us to keep the fees on a
considerable low level. We are looking forward to meet many
of you in Freiburg at the 31.5.2002.

Best wishes

R. Landers, A. Pfister, R. Mulhaupt (chairman)

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Rapid Prototyping for Biomedical Applications -
from implants to organ printing

organized by the Freiburg Materials Research Center (FMF) of
the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Rolf Mulhaupt (chairman)

Freiburg, GERMANY

31. May 2002

The aim of this workshop is to discuss different Rapid
Prototyping (RP) technologies with respect to their
potential applications in Tissue Engineering (TE) and
Regenerative Medicine (RM). Key issue is the biomedical
processing of implantable materials by means of RP
Topics :
- Is there a medical need for RP technologies and if yes :
for what clinical application ?
This question is essential for all developments in this
field. Several surgeons will attend this workshop.

- Implants designed by RP techniques with living cells
versus not vitalized devices : opportunities and drawbacks
Traditional not vitalized implants are well established in
the market. RP techniques enable a fast and accurate
production of individual implants. From the scientific point
of view devices combining 3D scaffolds with living cells are
of more interest. Nevertheless cell culture is expensive and
not established in the market yet. Which application
definitely need a vitalization ?

- What are the requirements for the final implant ?
This point includes mechanical properties, degradation and
its kinetics, cell compatibility.

- Which RP technologies have been used for functional
implants up to now ?
The several techniques of the RP area will be reviewed
regarding their potential. 3D printing™, FDM, CNC milling,
3D dispensing techniques are just under research
or starting being commercialized. A key point of the
workshop will be the comparison between the different
technologies referring to experiences of the participants.

- Which materials can be used by what RP technique ?
The workshop is especially focused on biodegradable
polyesters, biocompatible metals, ceramics and swollen
polymers like collagen, fibrin and alginic acid. During the
processing of all degradable materials it is often difficult
to maintain the original properties and to prevent
processing related changes.

- Which post-treatment of materials to enhance cell
attachment or biocompatibility ?
The point relates mostly to surface modifications or
different coatings.

- Which analytical methods may be used to examine RP borne
scaffolds for Tissue Engineering ?
Several traditional microscopic techniques (light
microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, (E)SEM,...) are well
established, but usually lead to destruction of the sample
or do not provide 3D information. New high performance
microtomography allows 3D analysis of complex structures
without destruction.

- Which RP technologies offer the opportunity to „print" an
organ and what is the state of the art and what will be the
future ?
 „Organ printing" of functional tissue is an actual topic in
biomedical research. The printing of a functional soft
tissue requires RP techniques with the ability process
tailor made soft materials including sensitive biomolecules
like proteins or possibly cells itself.

Dipl.Chem. Ruediger Landers

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