From: Brent Stucker (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 22:06:39 EEST

We need to fill a post-doc position for work in design and manufacture of
optimized (minimum-weight) structures using Laser Engineered Net Shaping and
Selective Laser Sintering. This project has been funded by the National
Science Foundation for a 3 years grant. Please send me your resume via
email if you are interested.

Good mathematical skills, a working knowledge of mechanics, knowledge of RP
and good computer skills are required. Please send me your resume if you
are interested. The position will start some time this summer.

It is a lot easier for us to hire someone who is already in the U.S. or has
Visa status that does not require us to jump through a lot of hoops to bring
them here.


Dr. Brent Stucker
Assistant Professor
University of Rhode Island
Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Gilbreth Hall, 2 East Alumni Ave.
Kingston, RI 02881
ph: (401)874-5187
fax: (401)874-5540

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