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Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 22:19:52 EEST

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Caleb Walker wrote:
> I am scanning & modeling some action figures & I am looking for service
> bureaus in the S.F bay area who can produce a few 3" & 6" prototypes in wax
> or resin. STL models will be provided.

It's a short list, what you'll find in the Bay Area. I specialize in
the tiny end, and I've done some nice robotic miniatures for Reaper
Mini, but I'm probably too small-scale for you.

Windrush ( has a ZCorp machine, which might be
appropriate for the larger end of your size range. I like Javelin 3D
( better for price and helpfulness - artistic
prototyping is their specialty - but if locality is an absolute
requirement, Windrush is the only ZCorp bureau I know of in this area.

If CNC is a possibility at all, you might want to talk to Alberto
Carreno at M5 Industries, find them at They're
a special effects house that does this type of figure every day, and
they really know the angles.

Hope this helps,

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