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Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 05:17:24 EEST


The speed on the RTM is much more reasonable on larger parts and on slices from 0.003 to 0.005, Alas, the motion of a mechanical systems will never be as fast as an array of lasers however, the process and material have been very cost effective on larger parts for investment casting. Also the materials used on the RapidToolmaker are designed for investment casting in traditional casting operations. An area where SLA materials have had some problems which result in a fairly high defect rate on direct casting.

There is no best solution in the area of accuracy as a benchmark and there will always be innovation. For now, if you want accuracy and plan on immediate investment casting, the RapidToolmaker is the best choice. Please keep me informed if you hear of an alternative

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  I'm looking for an RP system that will give me the best combination of speed and accuracy for producing models for investment casting. Rapid Manufacturing so to speak. The accuracy of the Sanders RTM and the speed of the DTM/3D Vanguard?


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