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From: Roger Spielman (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 05:00:31 EEST

Hello Jim
Reading this just turned on a light....a while back at Boeing, I had an
inconsistent problem similar to turned out to be the IR coolant
line getting pinched in the heater drawer when you pulled it out in order to
close the door
and start the build.
Take Care
Roger Spielman
Regale Inc.
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Our 2500 plus has been acting up recently. It seems without rhyme or reason,
sporadically the build cakes will come out very hard. Hard enough most
often causing us to trash the build entirely. We can be running the same
batch/lot of material. The problem does not discriminate based on material
type. It's happened with PA, PA/GF and CastForm. The problem does not
appear to be Z height dependent either. All machine parameters are set
based on statically processing.
The problem first occurred after we got jolted during a storm. That was
roughly 3 months ago. It fried a fuse in the sinterstation and the piston
heater. DTM advised us to disconnect the piston heater since with newer
machines it's been omitted. They also sent us a patch for the software.
The machined recovered, or so it seemed. As I said it's sporadic. We
haven't had the problem for 2 weeks. Any ideas would be welcomed.
Thank you,
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