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From: Stephane Morvan (
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 16:51:56 EEST

AgilCast SA has just introduced a new "good material" replication system
called AgilCast, allowing design studios and service bureaus to realize
high quality & mess-free castings.

This computer-assisted investment casting system is now offering the
possibility to seamlessly vacuum cast alloys made from Aluminum, Brass,
Bronze, *and* Magnesium (Glass is under investigation).

Tasks such as wax injection, ceramic coating, part separation and metal
pouring are all computer assisted to limit guesswork. A CNC Controlled
vacuum casting enclosure, serving as the base of this modular system,
allows operations on all materials to be processed effortlessly and
under the best conditions at the push of a button.

Aside form the original master, the system is self reliant and capable
of producing high quality plastics, wax and metallic components (except
ferrous alloys and Titanium).

This system is available immediately, either for service work or
benchmarks. A complete unit will be delivered to a renowned French
technical institute and will be available for demonstrations by the end
of this month.

For more information, please contact me offline.

Stéphane Morvan,
Multistation S.A.
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