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Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 04:00:13 EEST


My understanding about this is that the resin already cured to some degree since it has been put in the vat for a long while. It might haven't been exposed to the UV light, but usually it had been exposed to the room light Althought it was not supposed to react to the room light, it does absorb some of the light which initiated the reaction. The absorption of the resin might be tiny during the wavelength range of the room light, but there does exist the absorption and after a long time, it could be much enough to initiate the reaction. The temperature might be also a problem. I am not sure what SL5710 resin is composed of. I guess it might be epoxy or acrylate or viny ether or their blends. Some materials are also sensitive to the temperature.

I don't think the resin can be reconditioned. To the best of my knowledge, once the crosslinking reaction occurs, it's usually not reversible. Some kinds of polymerizations can reverse, but I think it should be easier just to empty and refill the vat with fresh resin. The residual (solid or liquid) remained on the vat wall might not be easy to clean, but I don't think it matters much as long as there is no skin on the surface of the resin in the vat.

Hope this is what you're intereted.


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