Micro Ball-Endmill for EDMless Tool Making

From: Chang-Shik.Min (mcs9413@dreamwiz.com)
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 19:10:46 EEST

  Dear RT professionals;

Hello...how are you doing ?
I am very much interested in MicroMilling using ball-endmills diameters of which
are so small that most fine details of mold cavities can be directly machined without any need of EDM.
Now we are testing ball-endmills of diameter 0.30mm specially made,but it has
not been that easy to make the milling process with the small tools stable.
Is there anyone who has similar experience to mine ?
And how small ball endmill have you ever tested for steel or aluminum ?
Your precious comments would be greatly appreciated.

Rapidly yours,

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