Date: Sat Apr 13 2002 - 22:20:04 EEST


It is my wish to bring this golden opportunity to your
door step.
I am Mr. Songo E. Abubakar, a nephew to Alhaji Atiku
Abubakar, the current vice president of Federal
Republic of Nigeria. A bossom friend of mine who was
formerly living in your country gave me a noteworthy
recommendation about your ability to handle a
financial transaction of a great magnitude.

I earnestly wish to come in contact with you for a
possible transfer of fifty million US Dollars
$50,000,000.00 to your foreign designated account. The
above stated sum my uncle secured and stamped for
security reasons, and deposited same with a security
firm in Holland. The stated fund was among the money
recovered from our ex-military officers who stashed
away proceeds from the national crude oil exportation
and deposited same in different foreign accounts in
Europe, America Asia and some African countries, for
their selfish interests. This however, took place
during the administration of the late military
dictator, General Sani Abacha.

My uncle, the vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
was in-charge of all the seized and frozen ex-military
officers foreign accounts. Considering my uncles
place in the government of Nigeria as the vice
president, he could not partake of this deal himself,
he rather mandated me to handle this transaction.
Therefore, on the strength of this mandate I solicit
your assistance to get the fund transferred into your
account abroad.

The conditions for doing this business with you are

You will assure me of your unquestionable integrity
and reputation to transact a business of such a great
volume of money perfectly.

You will receive 25% of the total sum for your
wholesome assistance.

You will thoroughly source for a lucrative business in
your country in which our own share of the money will
be invested for our future benefits.

This business is 100% risk free and will be finished
within 10 working days.

If you are interested in this business offer, please
e-mail me immediately for the business to commence.

if this money will be too huge for your account, we
can arrange on how you can collect it instalmentally,
like in 5-10MUS$ for security reasons.

your private Tel/fax line is very important for easy
communication in this transaction.

Please treat as urgent.


Yours faithfully,

Songo E. Abubakar.

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