From: Dror Danai (DrorD@2objet.com)
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 19:51:08 EEST

Dear Mr. Bart Mol,

I would like to thank you for the interest in Objet and would like to address your concerns. I will use this opportunity to to update you and the other participants of the RP-ML about Objet Geometries recent progress.

Objet continues the integration of new units to fill our order backlog. Just yesterday, from our new state of the art manufacturing facility, we shipped 4 PolyJet based RP systems. Three Objet QuadraTempos will also be shown at the RP&M event in Cincinnati. They can be seen at the Objet booth (Booth No. 613) and in Objet Partners booths: Accelerated Technologies Inc. (Booth No. 601) and SensAble Technologies (booth No. 718). I would like to
personally invite you to visit these booths, and see the Objet QuadraTempo* in action for yourself.

Since commercial deliveries started in September 2001 we have sold and installed PolyJet based machines in more
than 10 countries (Including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and a few countries in the Pacific Rim).

During the last few weeks our sales efforts have resulted in six new orders from companies that continue to see the Objet Quadra* and QuadraTempo* as the answer to their prototyping needs. This escalation in our sales and manufacturing will only be outdone by our company commitment of setting new standards for customer support.

Following this expansion and with our desire to continue entering new markets and further improve our technology,
we raised a large amount of money from our current investors and new investors to enable the company long-term growth requirements. As Objet is a privately held company, we do not make investment information public but I can assure you that the figures are over the amount you stated. The amount raised came from more than a single
source and show the confidence and the commitment of the people behind the company and its future.

Objetís European Headquarters in Zaventem is open. Due to our growth, we are considering relocating to a new
office in a large European country that will better serve the European RP community. With our entire European staff
of Customer Support Engineers intact, we will soon need to add staff to continue the same level of customer
support. I encourage you, if you are aware of any engineers who share Objetís passion of customer support,
to please pass their name and resume to our European office (see the address below).

Mr. Mol, from your email I am not sure whether you work for Stratasys or whether you are a user of FDM technology. Regardless of which it is, I do believe this forum was meant to help those in the RP community address their
application needs. I do not think that this is a forum for manufacturers or competitors to distribute fictitious information. Objet appreciates our competitors that dedicate their time and effort to serve and develop the Rapid Prototyping market. I am confident that the community that you addressed in your email would appreciate the same from all users and manufacturers.

Should you or any participant in the list, be interested in more details, you may contact me by email, phone or visit
the Objet team at the RP&M event in Cincinnati in less than two weeks (April 29th to May 2nd). We will be able to address all your concerns and show you why Objet, in the past 8 months, has evolved from a Technology/Innovative company to a company with a growing global business.

Dror Danai
VP Marketing & Business Development
Objet Geometries Ltd.
Phone: +972 8 9314 405
Fax: +972 8 9314 313

Belgium Office
Objet Geometries b.v
Ikaros Business Park,
Ikaroslaan 18,
1930 Zaventem
Tel: 32-2-7176511
Fax: 32-2-7176500
E-Mail: info@2objet.be

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