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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 05:28:52 EEST

To whom it may concern:

I am seeking employment. I have been working in the industry for almost seven years. I have extensive knowledge of almost every aspect of prototyping. All of my experience has been working within service bureaus, however, my skills far supercede the level of quality it takes to be successful in the service industry alone. I would however entertain, and appreciate, offers from all aspects of the RP industry. If you are intrested please see my attached resume.

Thank You.


Matt Sehenuk

Santa Clarita, C.A.

E- Mail



To obtain a carreer building position where teamwork and creativity are valued & encouraged.

It is my goal to work in an environment where I can utilize all of my skills and knowledge. To work within a position where I can teach and train others how to set new standards for product quality and work ethics in the field of rapid prototyping. I am of the opinion that high quality and high productivity should go hand in hand and, I believe that is what clients in todays market are looking for.


Job History:

Rapid Product Solutions Inc.

Oxnard, C.A.

December 1998 - Present

Title: Plant Supervisor

Job Duties:

Supervise and train employees, employee reviews, production control, Q.C. inspector, set standards for all quality within company, high level finishing, quick cast, custom painting, silicon molding, urethane casting, ordering of supplies, tool & materials.


Scicon Technologies

Valencia, C.A.

December 1995 - December 1998

Title: Molding & Urethane Lead

Job Duties:

Mold making, oversee casting procedures, master pattern finishing & deflashing.


Jazmin Enterprises

Pasadena, C.A.

October 1994 - November 1995

Title: Branch Manager

Job Duties:

Conduct interviews, inventory, distributor settle up, sales & closing of daily business.


Special Skills:

I Painting

         Texture, high gloss, clears, transluscent, metallic, pearlescent, soft touch, EMI coating, color matching & rub downs.

II Silicon Tooling

         One stage cut molds, two stage clay molds, over molds & oversized molds

III Finishing

         Highest quality models & master pattern finishing to specified tolerance

IV Computers

       DOS, Windows, Excel, Solid View, MS Works & basic Pro- E



Availiable upon request

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