3D Systems Files Actions to Defend Laser Sintering Patent Rights

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Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 00:42:38 EEST

3D Systems Files Actions to Defend Laser Sintering Patent Rights

VALENCIA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 19, 2002--3D Systems Corp. (Nasdaq:<A HREF="http://www10.mcadcafe.com/goto.php?http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=tdsc&d=t">
TDSC</A> - news) today announced it filed court papers in two separate actions on
April 16 and one on April 17 seeking injunctions defending its laser
sintering (LS) patent rights. The first action was filed in Federal District
Court in Texas against Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Systems of Nevada,
Iowa. 3D Systems asserts that AMES is infringing 3D Systems' patents by using
LS powder materials supplied by Electro Optical Systems (EOS) GmbH of
Planegg, Germany, and its North American subsidiary EOS of North America Inc.
(EOS NA) 3D Systems' patents prohibit the use in the U.S. of EOS powder
materials in SLSŪ systems currently sold by 3D Systems or previously by DTM
Corp., which it acquired last year. "We believe we have overwhelming evidence
to document our claims of patent infringement by AMES," said Brian K.
Service, 3D Systems' president and CEO. In the ongoing EOS v. DTM/3D Systems
action in Federal District Court in California, 3D Systems filed a motion
seeking a preliminary injunction to stop EOS' selling activities of LS
powders in the U.S. "After EOS learned it had not been selected by 3D Systems
to receive a patent license to market LS technology in the U.S. under the DOJ
consent decree, it recommenced its sales activities here," Service said. "We
intend to vigorously defend our patent rights in the U.S. and abroad to
prevent misuse of our intellectual property such as this. "Contrary to public
statements by EOS, 3D Systems remains fixed in its opinion that EOS does not
have any rights to DTM patents and licensed rights, all of which were
acquired by 3D Systems in the acquisition of DTM," Service said. "The fact
remains that EOS does not have the right to sell laser sintering systems in
the U.S." Prior to the April 16 filing by 3D Systems, the Federal District
Court in California has ruled to confirm 3D Systems' rights to develop and
sell SLS systems pursuant to a 1997 licensing agreement between 3D Systems
and EOS. In the third action, on April 17, 3D Systems filed a patent
infringement suit also seeking damages and an injunction against EOS NA for
the sale of LS powders in the U.S.



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