RPML Personalized Puzzles

From: Joseph P. Frantz (joe@frantzind.com)
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 19:27:24 EEST

Dear List,
Just a clarification on the personalized insert for the RPML Puzzle.
The mold inserts are already built with a small pocket to receive the personalized insert.
The personalized insert is a small simple piece that can be made of SLA, SLS or anything with your own name, company, logo or anything.
We will be glad to place your insert in the mold and run many personalized Puzzles while you wait.
I'll even let you run the molding machine so I can take a break.

Look at the following image. Your info will be molded where it says "INSERT HERE".
Remember to do it in reverse since it is actually part of the mold.

The Puzzle is a three piece puzzle that is not that easy to figure out.
We had fun driving lots of people nuts last year.


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