RE: Vector to Raster Software

From: Makai Smith (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 18:23:49 EEST

I was once trying to get images out of AutoCAD and realized that it saves
terrible bmp's. The solution was to print to the AdobePDF writer (which
makes a scalable vector file in this case). Adobe Photoshop will open the
pdf and allow you to set the resolution (great if you need it at multiple
sizes), and choose anti-aliasing. The advantage with this route is that it
works with any program which has a printer interface.

Not exactly a "stand alone" utility, but it worked!

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We have a need to go from a vector file (SLC) to a raster file (e.g. TIF or
BMP). Does anyone know of a utility program that can accomplish this.

Al Hastbacka

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