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From: Roger Spielman (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 18:44:49 EEST

Hello "RB"
We have been using the Vanguard HS system since late December ' 01 and would
have to say it is by far the best SLS platform from DTM/3D Systems by a wide
margin. I have been using the SLS technology since the early Sinterstation
2000 era (still have one) and any "faults" with the HS system would have to
be labeled nit-picking. Our HS has taken over the main workload for Regale
with our two 2500 pluses in a support role. As soon as funding allows, I
intend to upgrade the pluses with new HS systems.
Roger Spielman
Director, Rapid Manufacture & Tooling
Regale, Inc

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Subject: Rapid Mfg of Casting Patterns

I have been a Sanders user for a while... MM6, MM2, now RTM. I need a
faster machine. I'm torn between the 3D(formerly DTM) Vanguard HS which
produces wax infused styrene patterns and the Stratasys machines and their
ABS patterns. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.


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