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DeskArtes announces Wireless CAD Viewer

Helsinki, FINLAND, May 3rd, 2002 - DeskArtes announced today the new
Wireless CAD Viewer software. The product enables 3D CAD data viewing
over wireless Internet connection anywhere on the globe. Free test
period is available until the 30th of September 2002.

DeskArtes is the first company to offer an effective solution for
wireless CAD data viewing and communication. Wireless CAD Viewer from
DeskArtes allows you to inspect and measure your CAD files no matter
where you are. The software reduces the need for traveling, enables
efficient communication and speeds up decision making.

The Wireless CAD Viewer software is based on DeskArtes View Expert
The product includes:

- STL, IGES, VDA and DXF input,
- Measuring: Coordinate value, Point-to-point distance, Angle and Hole
- Viewing commands: Rotation, Panning and Zooming.

The wireless system gives users the long wanted freedom when accessing
their CAD data at customer locations, construction sites or even at
home. The software allows the user to have access even to very large CAD
geometry files and still display them in the mobile environment. All CAD
data is kept and manipulated in a Windows server and the viewing process
is based on transmitting compressed computer screen images via the
wireless Internet and/or mobile phone connections to Compaq iPAQ Pocket
PC. In effect, the user can pan, rotate, zoom and take dimensions from
the CAD data with the PDA in real time.

The Wireless CAD Viewer product is implemented in co-operation with VTT
Technical Research Centre of Finland, Currently
DeskArtes is looking "early adopters" for the new technology. The
software can be downloaded from DeskArtes web pages and the use of the
system is free until the 30th of September 2002. DeskArtes is also
looking for partners to utilize the new technology within their products.

"DeskArtes has always been amongst the first in developing and selling
professional software into new emerging markets, like the free form
design system in 1991 and Rapid Prototyping specific software in 1994.
With the new Wireless CAD Viewer DeskArtes is the first to take as step
towards truly mobile, real time CAD applications", notes Mr. Ismo
Mäkelä, CEO of DeskArtes. "With the Wireless CAD Viewer DeskArtes can
offer solutions to a wide variety of customers, starting from sales
going through project management to construction engineers."

Other DeskArtes products include Industrial Design System and Design
Expert for industrial design as well as Rapid Tools and 3Data Expert for
Rapid Prototyping users. For more information on DeskArtes products

Privately owned DeskArtes Oy develops and commercializes world-class
software products for designers, engineers, model makers, marketing and
others involved in new product development. Customers include major
companies in Design, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing around the
World. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland, selling its products
worldwide through authorized resellers and the Internet.

Contact Information

DeskArtes Oy, Sales / Ms Johanna Manai
Pihlajatie 28, FIN-002700 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-9-644 335, Fax +358-9-644 330

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