Vantico/MCP Partnership Grows in U.S.

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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 22:22:33 EEST

Vantico/MCP Partnership Grows in U.S.
Vantico A&T US Inc.'s RenShape* Solutions Tooling Group has announced that it will be the exclusive route to market for MCP's vacuum-casting and metal part-casting equipment and materials, effective June 1, 2002.
        Vantico and MCP have worked in close partnership for years, with Vantico developing and manufacturing a variety of polyurethanes for use in MCP's vacuum-casting equipment. Under the new agreement between the companies, Vantico will begin selling MCP vacuum-casting equipment and resin systems along with an expanding line of Vantico polyurethanes for vacuum casting throughout North America. Vantico will also distribute MCP's new line of machines for fast casting of metal prototypes. Specific details on the distribution agreement will be available in May.
        "By becoming a distributor of MCP's advanced systems for quickly
producing complex, vacuum-cast plastic and metal prototypes, Vantico is further strengthening its ability to supply customers with a full range of options for rapid manufacturing of models, prototypes and initial parts," according to Kurt Frischmann, vice president, sales, of Vantico's tooling business.
Hans Ihde, CEO , MCP-Group, says, "Bringing our materials and technologies together to form a combined marketing effort with Vantico will be beneficial to all of our customers."
Vantico's RenShape Solutions Tooling Group manufactures and sells a comprehensive family of stereolithography photopolymers and machinable boards for modeling. Vantico also pioneered and is a leading supplier of advanced polyurethanes for prototyping and initial parts and markets machinable boards and casting epoxies for making injection molds and other tooling.
Vantico employs approximately 2,800 people in over 30 countries with manufacturing sites in 16. The company, incorporated in Luxembourg, had sales of nearly $1B in 2001 and operates globally with three Divisions: Polymer Specialties, Adhesives & Tooling, and Optronics.
MCP-Group was founded in 1863 as a mining company and is today involved in metals, chemicals, medical systems and rapid prototyping. With manufacturing companies in the U.S., England and Germany and its sales
offices and agencies, MCP provides processes and know-how to a worldwide customer base.
MCP has 50 years of experience in supplying equipment and materials for mold requirements. Vacuum-casting systems were added to the portfolio in 1987
 to meet the increased demand for quick prototypes, followed by the introduction of the Metal-part Casting Process in 1999.

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