Estimation on cost of a cylinder head rtp->cast Al

From: timmyg (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 06:01:35 EEST


    I'm sort of a nut, well that's what people say I am when I lay out what
I term my crazy ideas. The biggest one to date is to design my own cylinder
head, similar to what drake engineering did to the 1.6L vw block back in
the day. Now with the understanding of how large a 4-cylinder cylinder head
is, and the overall level of features necessary for an OHC layout.
Neglecting cost of any machining, lifter bores, cam bores, valve guides,
milling of surfaces (I can figure that in) What would be the per unit cost
of something of this size cast in aluminum? Generally speaking a range
would be fine, I have no idea at this moment so saying in the vicinity of
Xgrand to X+5 grand is great! .
Is it possible to generate an investment casted surfaces with roughness that
is independant of the modeled part? (If i wanted a surface to be extra
rough[cooling] would I have to design the roughed surface or could it be
derived elsewhere?)

What minimum run # would I expect to see from commercial service providers?

-Tim Goddard

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