From: john I (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 09:31:14 EEST

Hi guys,

Some questions about laser sintering and fusion processes..
Are there any improvements on SLS after 3DSystems acquired DTM's SLS?
Especially, in SLS processing. I mean, is any plastic binder still being
used to handle the steel powder. I have some detailed papers about SLS
processing but they are DTM's technology.I have not found any paper in
3DSystems's site.
As I know in Direct Metal Laser Sintering technique, any plastic binder is
not added to the steel powder, and any secondary sintering or infiltration
process is not required. isn't it?

how about LENS process?
what is expected from LENS process over SLS or DMLS? Ok, parts produced with
LENS process is fully dense in one step in compare with SLS or DMLS.
Moreover, only LENS parts could be used as die for metal forming. But
dimensional accuracy is not well as in SLS or DMLS and it requires secondary
finish milling operation.
I have tried some times to reach to the for LENS process details
but any response is not achieved so far.
Any response would be grateful.


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