From: Joan Guasch (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 16:28:45 EEST


> As I know in Direct Metal Laser Sintering technique, any plastic
> binder is
> not added to the steel powder, and any secondary sintering or
> infiltration
> process is not required. isn't it?
You're right, no secondary infiltration nor infiltration.

> how about LENS process?
> what is expected from LENS process over SLS or DMLS? Ok, parts
> produced with
> LENS process is fully dense in one step in compare with SLS or DMLS.
> Moreover, only LENS parts could be used as die for metal forming. But
> dimensional accuracy is not well as in SLS or DMLS and it
> requires secondary
> finish milling operation.
Yes, that's partly true. Both with DMLS and SLS you will need to
post-process the inserts by polishing, grindind or even milling. Let's hope
that with new powder materials that work could be avoided.


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