New Forum Features

From: Ken Leung (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 22:49:55 EEST

As I mentioned in my last message, a new forum have been born and some of you
have already register. Thank you for making the forum grows.

I see a lot of you are selling or looking for RP equipment. Instead of losing
your posting in the sea of postings, the new forum will categorize and save
your post for a long long time.

Also another subject the forum has is a group build. Sometimes building a
small part by rapid prototyping is expensive but waiting for few person before
submitting the order can save as much as 50%. I hope a lot of people can take
advantage of this.

Please Feel Free to browse around. The forum is just started and I love to
have enough feedback to generate a informative RP FAQ for everyone. Thanx

President, Veltec
Bringing Designs to Life

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